jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008


like i said yesterday,
it was an excellent day!
and let me tell you why...

first of all... i woke up and
my sista call me...
"ruth, can you please take care of
Romina?" and i say: yeah! yeah!
no problem, :D i can do it :) so, all morning
i mean, before mmm... 12:00pm
i was with romina (my pricess)
and also a slep with her...

after that, i ate and tooke a shower
and i went to the CELEX... to watch a
class, && i have to say: that class, was the most
exiciting class that i ever had en mi whole life!
i really really enjoy it, && i had a really fun time!
i don't have pictures of that, because
i didn't tooke the camera with me... :(

but, to finish this entry...
let me tell you something important:

I learn a lot of thing yesterday
the important thing to assess people
and not only people, i mean, things too.
yeah! && i learn that everybody
needs to do "brain excersise"
Prevent disease (in a future), people
need to do exercises to remember things...
play games of destreza, and also play board games
like, "maraton" or "scrabble" hahahaha :D
thank God, i play that games... so i think im
not gonna have Alzhhaimer!!! hahahaha

i wanna thank to KARM...
really babe, you are an amazing person!
NEVA CHANGE! i lov U so much...
and U're kinda patron in my life :D

well... gotta go! have a nice weekend
&& enjoy your vacations!!!
&& don't forget " you have to play games" ... :D


miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

i'm back!!! =D

well, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! everyone!!!
first of all! have to say that
i been bloked for mmm 3 weeks i think...
i don't know how or why! but that's the fact.
(&& im so sorry for that)
but, then here i am again! hahahaha
happy and relax!!! with all the time of the world
hahahaha... && i think this day is gonna be great!

i was sleeping! i mean, not in a bed, or something
i talk about me! myself! but, now i wake up!
an i so ready to start it over again! yeah!!!!
tha't sweet! hahaha.
today is an special day, because something
new starts for me! yeeei! i mean, about my carreer
yeap... many people thinks that i not gonna make it
but, i say to all these peolple:

"i can, i wanna, && i'll make it!
if not, i change my name! hahahaha

have a nice middle week!!!
&& i hope to see you all soon!

God bless U!


jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

Sumary : )

hi! this is my sumary about the book i read "the adventures of tom sawyer" hopu U ejoy!!!

Tom Sawyer is a boy who lives in St. Petersburg next to the Mississippi River with his younger brother Sid, her cousin Mary and her aunt Polly. She is very strict with him, a sign of how much you want it. Tom is a very mischievous child and liar. Because of some of these pranks, Aunt Polly making it punishable paints the fence. He convinces with great shrewdness of his friends to paint the fence is a work of art, and therefore, paint them and he is a good boy and obedient.
Later, Tom meets a girl named Becky and falls in love with her. Within his innocence of kids he asks who marries him, as that would make adults, and to seal this proposition has to kiss, as is the usual (and kiss). He and a couple of friends wanting to stay away from people decided to go to a nearby island, in order to become very good pirates and / or bandits when they reach adulthood, but because of what all the people believed to have drowned and establishing a fuss. The people just wake symbolic of the children drowned and disappeared. Tom realizing what happened decided to appear with his companions just wake of the day.
One day, his friend Huck, Orphan of a lifetime, you said that if you want to go with him to the cemetery because it has a dead cat and attracts ghosts. Tom accepts, and likes the adventure. In the cemetery see a murder of which is blamed on the town drunk, but it was someone else: Indian Joe. The trial is held against the drunk, it found guilty of all witnesses, but the attorney called to testify at the end of Tom Sawyer. The entire town is stunned and surprised by these statements, accusing the real culprit. They decided to tell the whole truth as they felt guilty, taking his conscience that an innocent die, and that the penalty was hanging. Obviously the Indian John who was in the audience escaped without a trace.
Time after Tom goes to a cave with Becky and lost for three days. The people are mobilized in order to rescue them, but in vain. They managed to escape thanks to the perseverance of Tom. Huck watches the thieves because they wanted to know where the treasure was. (Indian John and his friends, but heard they wanted revenge for the widow of Judge Douglas (who sentenced him), cutting off the ears and nose (revenge for the Indian tradition).
Huck, listening as horrible statements, reaches to seek help, and it saves lives, but the murderers escaped, hiding in a cave. In the end, Tom and Huck returning to the cave, as the Indian Joe hid a treasure there, find him and are rich. The Indian Joe and his henchmen killed in the cave because the sheriff sends close the inning, and with those deaths also dies fears of Tom and Huck, since not rested in peace thinking that could avenge.
The widow of Judge Douglas, home to Huck to give him a good education and was a man of good, but the child does not live as long stand beloved child, and went to live again as an orphan, on the banks of the Mississippi River.
This story ends in such times as the author says it is a story of boys in those moments and become more adult.

martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

NEW BABY!!! yeeeeei!!!!


yes!!! my family have a new member (the smaller in fact)!!!

hahahaha ROMINA!!! she just born this

morning!!! and let me tell you something...

she's the most beautiful little girl

in the world!!! (ok ok... that was a little intense)

hahahaha, but... ok, ok... is the most

beautiful little girl in Madero city!!! hahaha

&& no one else!!! :D

well, obviously, im the most happy ant

hahaha, in the world!!! hahaha...

an if i can im gonna put one picture of her

if not... you can go to my "metroflog"

and there you gonna find a pic

of mi little princess!!!

kisses 4 all!!!

have a great day!!!

oh! oh! i forgot!!!

mi little princess

was born at 10:12 am.

weight: 3,500 km.

tall: 51 cm.

and she have a loooong hands and

a big big foots! hahaha

(just like the ant: me!)


but overall is the smaller of the family...

for now... :D

well... gotta go...

tomorrow i'll write

another entry!!! :D

going to bed now!!!

i cannot sleep as well as i want!

hahahaha... but i not complain!

is for one and beautiful reason!


thank God!


viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

about the monarch butterfly

The life of the monarch butterfly starts as a caterpillar that feeds on a plant called asclepia, where adults deposit the eggs. After a period lasting between 4 and 12 days the caterpillars emerge, as is typical in the lepidopteran it feeds on this plant at birth. During its growth stage, the caterpillar changes its skin five times, for the fifth time, when it is already fully developed, is set to a branch and creates around him a fine cocoon. In this form is maintained, turning, about 12 days. The metamorphosis the turn into a beautiful monarch butterfly, which in early April will undertake the journey north, which closes this eternal cycle of life.

The migration of the monarch is not alone in the world, and virtually all the territories are local migratory movement. In Argentina, for example, we can mention that butterflies are moving from the Atlantic coast area of Magdalena and Punta Lara and traveling to the northwestern region of Argentina, via Buenos Aires. On the way too often grapple pass through cities such as Rosario, Santa Fe and Cordoba. Between September and October, when it begins to loosen the cold, returning southward. En años excepcionalmente calurosos han llegado a descender por el sur hasta Trelew. In unusually warm years have come down to the south to Trelew.

These species do not move in such a long-distance migration as the Monarch, because at most (by what is known so far) travel about 1,500 miles, to the province of Salta.


About my favorite animal :D

well... here i am again!!!


and now, i found an article

about my favorite animal...

(insect, have to say)

and... i think this is a good idea!!!

because now you gonna know

something about me!!! :D

latter... i'll write something of my

personal life right? :D


The Monarch Butterfly

It is called Monarch butterfly more than one species (or subspecies) lepidopteran the family Danaidae and gender Danaus. For example, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the species is known Danaus plexippus erippus (Lepidoptera: Danaidae), and the most famous, for its migration of thousands of miles, is the Danaus plexippus plexippus, which migrate long distances in the northern hemisphere.

This migration of insects is the most famous in the world. Ha sido motivo de innumerables documentales, se han formado asociaciones de defensa y se explota el espectáculo de millones de mariposas juntándose sobre los árboles, al arribar a México, como atracción turística. It has been a source of countless documentaries, have formed associations for the defence and exploited the spectacle of millions of butterflies juntándose on the trees, to arrive at Mexico, as a tourist attraction.

Every year, at the end of October, reaching millions of Monarch butterflies to the forests of the state of Michoacan, in the southeast of Mexico, after a long journey of 4,000 kilometres from the northern United States and Canada to breed Norteaméarica and then back in mid-April.

The reason that this should make similar butterfly migration is that sexual maturity is reached only with the spring heat. To achieve this, then, need overwintering in a place where the temperature is not as extreme, so only keep the lethargic but not mate. Once arrived hot spring, and are reproduced undertaken shortly after his return to the north, where he continues the cycle of life.

... to be continued :D

jOkes!!! :D


now... i have something for ya!


i was looking for

something, to make my blog better

haha && i visited some pages...

and one of them, take me to

another page, and i found

a jokes! hahaha... so, some of them

are very funy, but other not

hahahaha and that's funny

U know, because jokes Supposedly

most to be funny! hahaha

(i dn't know what i said!)


anyways... here they leave:

*A man goes to the doctor and says: 'Doctor I've got a problem, I've got two personalities.' The doctor answers: 'Be quiet, sit down and let's talk all four of us.'

*- What's the definition of mixed emotions?

- Seeing your mother-in-law driving your new car off the edge of a cliff.

*- What happens in the African jungle from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. everyday, even on Sundays?

- Two hours.

*- Nine and ten don't exist anymore.- Why?

- Because seven ate nine and ten.

(hahahahaha this one, make laugh a lot!!! because

i dind' understand, hahaha until i read three times!!! hahaha)

*She: So, why do you call me Eve when my real name is Maria?

He: Because you are the first woman I ever had.

She: Well, then I'll call you Peugeot

He: Why's that? Because I'm good-looking, economical, small and fast?

She: No, darling. Because you're number 206!

* Two men at the station:

- At what time does your train leave?

- At two to two. And what about yours?

- At two to two too!

* - Do you know why the ocean is blue?

- Because fish make blue, blue, blue, blue...

*There were two cows sitting and knitting on top of a mountain.

They keep silent... until one of them says: Moo!

The other cow responds: I had it on the tip of my tongue!

*There was a man with a penguin under his arm. Suddenly he met an old friend who asked him:

- What are you doing with a penguin under your arm? You should carry him to the zoo.And the man replies:

-Yes, yesterday we went to the cinema, today we went shopping and tomorrow we will go to the zoo!


love... live... laugh!!!



well... hi!
first of all... a got a line of problems
to acces my blog...
so, finally... here i am :D

im gonna write about superstitions
thats a topic... we saw it at class
(i don't remeber which day, hahaha)

in my personal belief, i don't believe
in superstitions, because that stuff
is just for insecure people that
need to have something, to
feel or to believe that something
great or good is gonna happen to them.

i just wake up, thank God to have life
to have my parents, to have all my body completely
and, doing my life, as normal as i can :D
i don't bring with me an special
color of clothes, or an special object
that give me look, nothing of that.

i know, many people, need to read
the horoscopy in fact, haha, but
anyways... there's just bullshit!
don't you think so?

well... i read other blogs
(of my classmates, sure)
and i found this sentence:

"i don't believe in superstitions.
i believe in God"

that's totally true, and also
i don't need somethig to know
how my day is gonna be, or
what people or what guy, im
gonna meet during the day...

&& your made your
own destiny...
superstitions for me
doesn't exist! :D

and that's all.


Have a great weekend!!!


miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

L.O.V.E. ... L.O.V.E. ... L.O.V.E. ...

well, ok ok i got it teacher, hahahaha

gotta say that is very difficult to me

write about something, because

i have a lot ideas, but many times,

i don't know how to express them.

but, well, i'll try to give my best!

and today... gonna talk about love!



but what's LOVE???

for many people

is just feel something special

for one person... but, i gotta say

that we can feel that 'feeling'

for many people, in fact for

many things too, like...

a favorite movie, haha a favorite

food, or for a pet or obviously

for our parents, sisters... family.

yes, we always have a

special feeling for someone

"boyfriend or girfriend"

(for the one's who have it)

i don't have a boyfriend

ahaha, but i have too many friends!!!

and i try to prove to them

my love, not only in Valentine's day.

so, think love, buy love, give love, eat love, make love...

everythig is gonna die, but LOVE...

love always gonna be there!!! :D

have a nice day!!!

&& for this time... gotta say hi! to lex, (a special friend)

who is in here hahaha just checking my blog... :D love ya swettie!!! U know!!!...